Rae Goodman-Lucker is an experienced STEM and health educator. She provides classes, labs, workshops, and explorations to a variety of learners, including home-schoolers, students, parents, and educators.
Rae has been teaching in and out of the classroom for 13 years. As a classroom teacher, her methods of teaching environmental science and honors and AP biology engaged students at all ends of the spectrum, from devoted young scientists to teens who felt disengaged and intimidated by sciences. She has also taught at the middle school and college levels and given trainings and workshops for adults. Her current work focuses on inquiry-based, experiential learning, building on students’ individual interests to develop enduring, deep understanding of STEM processes and concepts. She uses her teaching, research, and wilderness experience to craft nature-based learning. She combines her experience teaching biology with her LGBTQ community work to provide comprehensive, inclusive health education. Rae holds a California Teaching Credential for science and is a National Board Certified Teacher for science.

Kerrick Goodman-Lucker is an experienced educator with a Masters in museum/experiential education. He has taught social studies, English, engineering, and life skills. He also has a Permaculture (urban agriculture and sustainability) certification and experience in nonprofit management.