What does “scandent” mean?

Scandent is a term used in botany to describe plants, such as vines, that have a tendency to climb. We use it to describe the combination of natural growth and upward direction that learners experience when they’re both challenged and supported.

Do you offer in person tutoring/teaching?

At this time, due to coronavirus precautions, we are offering personalized, one-on-one online learning services.

How is your online tutoring different from remote learning offered through my child’s school?

As personal teachers, we can work with your child on a one-on-one basis, meeting their exact needs. The remote learning offerings from public and traditional independent schools have varied widely in their approach, but what we are seeing from many schools is that students are assigned independent work and then may have a weekly group check-in in which a student’s individual needs may not be addressed. Instead, we can teach students the skills they need, coach them through the learning process, appropriately support their schoolwork, and assess their learning individually.

What does a homeschool consultant do?

Many more parents are investigating homeschooling, whether due to concerns about COVID-19 or finding inadequacies in their child’s school programs. A homeschool consultant is a coach or mentor who can guide you through the process of identifying your student’s learning needs and your family’s educational priorities. We can help you navigate your state’s requirements for homeschooling families and connect you with curriculum and diploma programs. We can help you address any issues that may arise in making the transition to homeschooling. Experienced homeschooling families may also need understanding, expert support with particular issues as they arise. Homeschooling doesn’t have to mean going it alone–you can have the help of a qualified, experienced educator, at an affordable rate.

My child is in school, but I feel like they’re missing something. Can I benefit from homeschool consulting even though we’re not homeschoolers?

Absolutely! Perhaps your school isn’t doing enough to challenge your gifted child. Maybe your school district is underfunded and not meeting standards, and you don’t have any good, affordable private school options. Maybe your child’s learning needs are not being addressed adequately by their overwhelmed classroom teachers. Every student can benefit from extra support outside the classroom, and as experienced teachers, we can assess your child’s learning needs and your priorities and help you develop a plan.

How can my child get a high school diploma or go to college if they’re not in an accredited school?

There are accredited distance learning programs that provide a high school diploma. We can help you identify a program that meets your family’s needs, and coach and support your child through fulfilling the necessary requirements. We can also help them with college applications. Many colleges view homeschooled applicants very positively, provided that they have an impressive portfolio of work that shows off their abilities. Creating the portfolio can be overwhelming, but we can help coach your child through it and make the process stress-free and fun!

What kind of homeschoolers are you?

We are progressive, secular homeschoolers in our own family. We are happy to support families with a variety of different approaches, but our focus is secular and progressive.

Other questions? Please reach out!